Mike's GTO webpage

As time goes on our looks might change but our interests stay the same.
That's why they call me Mike LeMans.

 I've hade lots of Tempests since I've been on the road, mostly LeMans' but a couple
of GTO's also. But when you're young you don't think of doing dumb things like taking
photos. So out of all the Pontiacs I've had the pleasure of driving, I only have a few
photos. Now as soon as I buy a car I take a whole roll !



We all know about the dark years, the crappy '80s when all car manufactures went insane.
Well unfortunately Pontiac was no exception. But I have good news to report. The muscle car is back and we have it !!
It's not a GTO but it's a good fill in.
( I got one for the wife so she will stay out of my Goat )

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